1. What is an English Homestay?
A homestay is the unique opportunity for you to live in an American home with an American family to learn and experience English for a 1-week, or 2-week, or 3-week English language homestay.

2. If I enroll in the California English Homestay Program will I learn English faster?
Absolutely. By living with your host teacher, interacting with the host family, sharing meals together, and by doing things together in an environment where only English is spoken, you can be assured that your English speaking and comprehension skills will improve faster and more effectively than can be accomplished in a classroom.

3. What if I need help for taking the TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT tests?
Your personalized lesson plan will include intensive one-on-one ESL tutoring for all levels of English. If you are at an advanced English level, and you require test preparation to take and pass TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT, your lesson plan will include this preparation. But make especially sure you inform CEH in advance that you will need TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT test preparation.

4. If the host teachers and their families speak my native language, will I converse with them in my language?
No. The primary objective of the homestay is to immerse you in the English language and experience. During the entire homestay you will only converse in English with the host teacher and their families and that will accelerate the learning and comprehension process

5. What kind of room will the host family provide for me during the homestay?
A private bedroom with a bed and linens, a desk with a lamp, dresser, closet, towels and a trash can.

6. Will I have a private bathroom?
If the room comes with a private bathroom, then it is included. If not, you will share bathroom facilities.

7. Will the host family provide all my meals?
Yes. The host teacher will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner.

8. If I occasionally want to prepare my own meals, will I be permitted to do so?
Yes. But proper etiquette requires that you get permission from the host teacher in advance.

9. Will I be permitted to use the host family’s telephone?
Yes. You will be allowed to place local calls on the host home phone but not long distance calls. All long distance calls must be made using a calling card or from your personal cell phone if you have one.

10. Will I be allowed allow to use the host family’s computer?
Yes. The host teacher will discuss computer-usage guidelines with you on the first day of your homestay. Also, you will be required to use a local access number whenever you log on to the Internet to avoid long distance charges.

11. Will I be able do my own laundry in the home?
Yes. The host teacher will show you where the laundry facilities are in the home and how to operate the laundry appliances.

12. Where can I get an application form?
To go to the CEH online application form, click here.

13. How soon after I submit my application will I get a response?
You will be contacted within 24 hours.

14. After I submit my homestay application, complete the enrollment process and make the final payment, how long will it be before I can begin my homestay experience?
After you complete the enrollment process and we receive full payment, you will receive official confirmation of the exact dates of your homestay schedule. At that time, you should immediately confirm all your final travel arrangements. Your homestay experience could begin as soon as 7 to 10 days from the date you receive official confirmation from CEH.

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