If you are an accredited ESL teacher, the Host Partner Program is the perfect opportunity to supplement your income by doing what you do best—teaching.

First and foremost, the Host Partner Program is a true business partnership. California English Homestay is responsible for doing all the marketing and promotion to attract and enroll international students in its English homestay programs.

The Host Partner provides the living venue and teaches a customized and intensive English-immersion course for a 1-week, or 2-week, and occasionally a 3-week course

It’s your choice and that’s the beauty of being a Host Partner. You are an independent contractor. You decide when you want to host and teach. You determine the pace that fits your lifestyle.

Being a Host Partner is also a good business opportunity. In the today’s challenging economic environment, the English-language homestay business is one of the rare growth industries. Consider the following:

But there is more to being a Host Partner than just a good business opportunity. There are also the“intangibles.” With the homestay experience you provide, you prove beyond any doubt that despite cultural differences we are all more alike than different.

You will teach the international student about the differences and similarities between his or her culture, and our own culture. And, the student will teach you and your family about their culture. In a very important way, you and your family will be building bridges that will make the world just a little smaller.

For more information about the Host Partner Program,submit a Partner Request Form.

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