News & Press Releases

Nov 18, 2014: ICEF Monitor Article – Open Doors 2014

May 2014: The ESL Spotlight Final Students’ Spring Newsletter: Carmina Burana 2014 with Mary Makena

Nov 01, 2010: CEH Welcomes OCSquash

Nov 16, 2009: International Student Enrollment in U.S. Schools Hits All-Time High

Mar 17, 2009: Versant Spoken English Phone Test Earns Prestigious ICC Certificate of QA

Mar 15, 2009: Dr. Ronald M. Barasch Joins CEH as ESL Studies Special Advisor

Mar 06, 2009: Homestay Program Exclusively for International Businesswomen

Nov 17, 2008: Intensive English Studies Grows by 15.3% to Lead Top 10 in Fields of Study

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