Press Release – Mar 17, 2009

Versant Spoken English Phone Test Earns Prestigious ICC Certificate Of Quality Assurance

March 17, 2009 – The Knowledge Technologies Group of Pearson, the leader in spoken language assessment, today announced that the Versant Spoken English Test, the same test used by California English Homestay to measure a student’s English speaking abilities, was awarded the Certificate of Quality Assurance from the International Certificate Conference (ICC).

Pearson’s Versant test was awarded the certificate after a three-month review by an independent panel of world-class experts in language training. The panel reviewed every element of the Versant test and offered the following conclusion:

"The Versant test is at the forefront of currently accepted standards for test development, quality and research – indeed the quality of the supporting research is outstanding… The reliability of scores from the Versant program meets or exceeds standards expected from human raters… In short, the Versant test is innovative, reliable and user-friendly."

California English Homestay uses the Versant Spoken English Test to accurately measure a student’s English-speaking skills. Then, with the test results, the company develops a personalized and intensive English-immersion lesson plan customized to address what areas that must be addressed to improve the student’s English-speaking proficiency.

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