Press Release – Nov 17, 2008

Intensive English Studies grew by 15.3% to lead the top 10 in Top Fields of Study.

Nov. 17, 2008 – The number of international students enrolled in the United States for Intensive English Studies in 2007-2008 grew by 15.3% to lead the top 10 in Top Fields of Study in year-to-year growth rate, according to the Institute of International Education’s annual Open Doors report.

This marks the second consecutive year Intensive English Studies has enjoyed the highest annual growth rate and the only double-digit growth rate among the Top Fields of Study survey category.

The leading three leading study categories in the Top Fields of Study among international students in U.S. institutions remain Business & Engineering, Engineering, and Physical & Life Sciences. But the annual growth rates for the top three are 50 percent less than Intensive English Studies.

The Open Doors Report also showed that California colleges and universities lead all U.S. schools in the Largest Number of International Students category, followed by New York in second place. Furthermore, in the Top Places Of Origin category, Asia leads all world regions in sending students to U.S. schools by a significant margin.

Meanwhile, a "snapshot" survey of this fall’s international enrollment numbers conducted by eight different associations, including IIE and NAFSA, the Association of International Educators, finds promising indicators for future growth with 57 percent of institutions responding that new enrollments of international students increased for the 2007-2008 fall semester.

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