Accommodations Only Homestay Program

Homestay accommodation is ideal for students who want to immerse themselves in US culture while attending a junior/senior high school or public/private University. Sharing meals with your American hosts every day, you’ll benefit from speaking English in relaxed, natural situations outside of your English courses.


These families are individually selected and screened and are ready, willing and able to provide shelter, food, friendship and companionship to you. There is no better way to get your first taste of what America is really like. CEH works with schools, travel companies, groups and individuals and has a long and successful track record of homestay placements in California.

Learning English and living it!
In most homes, you’ll interact daily with three generations of the host family–grandparents, parents and children — and every minute of everyday will be a new learning experience.

You’ll share meals and watch television together. You’ll learn more colloquial English then you could ever learn from a book. You’ll discuss politics, literature, music, and popular culture. You’ll discover the genuine American culture and you’ll teach the host family about your culture.

Enroll in the Accommodations Only Program and you’ll not only learn English, you’ll really live it!

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