English Dance Homestay Program

A unique English-language homestay experience!
English Dance Homestay

The English Dance Homestay Program offers the same intensive English immersion lesson plans customized to meet your individual English learning needs as the English Homestay Program and addsall the joy and excitement of dancing.


Upon enrolling in the English Homestay and receiving email confirmation, you’ll take the award-winning Versant Spoken English Phone Test at home to accurately measure your English speaking skills. Then, after you arrive at your U.S. homestay destination, your host teacher will administer a written and English speaking placement test designed to confirm the appropriate level of your English language abilities.

With the combined award-winning Versant Spoken English Phone Test and the written and speaking test results, we’ll develop a lesson plan exclusively for your personal English-learning needs and education objectives.

You’ll live in the home of your English teacher and receive 15 or 20 hours of private English instructions per week from host teachers with university degrees and accredited teaching credentials, in addition to years of teaching English as a second language in U.S. schools and colleges.

In only 7 to 14 days, you’ll be amazed at the dramatic improvement in your English speaking, listening, pronunciation, and comprehension skills.

Shall We Dance?
Yes, you will study very hard during the day. But in the evenings, you’ll join a group dance class at the Avante Garde Ballroom and Club One, two of the most popular dance clubs in Southern California, make new friends and learn to dance the West Coast Swing, ballroom, tango, salsa, waltz, and foxtrot.

You’ll also visit and dance at other popular dance clubs. And, upon special request, we’ll arrange a night at the club where the celebrities go to dance, the world famous Millennium Dance Complexin the Northern Hollywood Art District of Los Angeles.


Your English Dance Homestay Program will also include:

Learning English and living it!
In most homes, you’ll interact daily with three generations of the host family — grandparents, parents and children – and every minute of every day will be a new learning experience.

You’ll share meals and watch television together. You’ll learn more colloquial English then you could ever learn from a book. You’ll discuss politics, literature, music, and popular culture. You’ll discover the genuine American culture and you’ll teach the host family about your culture.

Enroll in the English-Dance Homestay Program and you’ll not only learn English, you’ll really live it! And you’ll dance too!

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