English +Sport Homestay Program


Junior Golf

English +Sports: Junior Golf Homestay

Junior group kid golf lessons are a great starting point especially for the beginner golfer (ages 6-17)**. These are fun and interactive with other kids. We offer all levels from the beginner to the advanced. Our goal is for the kids to have fun, learn the fundamentals of the game, from swing, putting, chipping and etiquette. Prizes are given on a regular basis to help maintain motivation and make it more fun.

For the advanced junior golfers these groups offer controlled practice time for putting, chipping, swinging and sand shots. Each week we work on a different part of the swing, from keeping your lower body from swaying to extension on the follow through and finish.

Level: Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced
Lesson Time: ½-1 hour (Private Lessons) & 1 hour (Group Lessons)
Equipment Included: Golf Clubs & Balls
Items to Bring/ Wear: Golf Shoes, Hat, & Water Bottle
Location: Irvine, California
All Transportation INCLUDED!


Private lessons provide an individual swing analysis and a closer study of the swing, swing plane, impact on the ball and on-course playing lessons. With a private or semi-private lesson the learning curve is much faster. These lessons are designed for the junior golfer and adult who would like to bring his game to the next level.

Video swing analysis by the advanced V1 golf software. This provides a closer study of the swing where golfers’ swings can be highly analyzed and improved. These lessons are for the junior and adult golfer who is serious about their golf game.

  • $60.00 per 30 minutes (Private)
  • $110 per hour
  • $300 for 6 – 1/2 hour lessons


The semi-private lessons are limited to 3 or 4 students. Individuals are grouped together by family and friends, co-workers and kids can form their own group. We have organized several family lessons where the whole family can learn and have fun together.

  • Semi-Private Lessons – $135 for 4 lessons (4 kids maximum).

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A unique English language homestay experience!
English +Sports: Squash Homestay
The English-Squash Homestay Program offers the same intensive English-immersion lesson plans customized to meet your individual English-learning needs as the English Homestay Program, and adds all the joy and excitement of squash.

Upon enrolling in the English Homestay and receiving email confirmation, you’ll take the award-winning Versant Spoken English Phone Test at home to accurately measure your English-speaking skills. Then, after you arrive at your U.S. homestay destination, your host teacher will administer a written and English-speaking placement test designed to confirm the appropriate level of your English language abilities.

With the combined award-winning Versant Spoken English Phone Test and the written and speaking test results, we’ll develop a lesson plan exclusively for your personal English-learning needs and education objectives.

You’ll live in the home of your English teacher and receive 15 hours of private English instructions per week from host teachers with university degrees and accredited teaching credentials, in addition to years of teaching English as a second language in U.S. schools and colleges.

In only 7 to 14 days, you’ll be amazed at the dramatic improvement in your English speaking, listening, pronunciation, and comprehension skills.

English +Sports: Squash Homestay Instructor

Let’s Play Squash! Take Private Lessons with the Squash Pros at The Sports Club/LA Orange County.
Yes, you will study very hard during the day as well as work hard improving your squash game and skills at The Sports Club/LA Orange County. The club features four regulation 21-foot wide international squash courts and has over 150 active players from novice to expert. The Sports Club/LA Orange County Events at The Sports Club/LA – Orange County typically include participants from greater Southern California, including Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Irvine and Newport Beach. Players from all over the United States as well as the rest of the world are also frequent guests




Your English-Squash Homestay Program will also include:

  • 6 private lesson with Peter Gerra, Head Squash Professional at The Sports Club/LA Orange County, Jamal Deaifi, or Ivy Pochoda Assistant Squash Professionals
  • Unlimited use of The Sports Club/LA Orange County for each week enrolled in the program.
  • TOEFL, GRE & GMAT Test Preparations for your learning level
  • Private bedroom room with shared bathroom in a safe and clean environment
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner meals
  • Study and quiet areas
  • Access to TV & Internet
  • Access to laundry facilities

Learning English and living it!
In most homes, you’ll interact daily with three generations of the host family — grandparents, parents and children – and every minute of everyday will be a new learning experience.

You’ll share meals and watch television together. You’ll learn more colloquial English then you could ever learn from a book. You’ll discuss politics, literature, music, and popular culture. You’ll discover the genuine American culture and you’ll teach the host family about your culture.

Enroll in the English-Squash Homestay Program and you’ll not only learn English, you’ll really live it! And you’ll play squash too!

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English +Sports: Surfing HomestayGroup surf lesson includes 15-30 minute water safety briefing, along with a demonstration on the best ways to paddle your surfboard, catch waves, how to stand up, and stay up for a nice ride! After paddling out together, your surf instructor will be there to coach and guide you into the rides of your life! Strong focus is placed on correct wave etiquette, style, and technique.

Level: Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced
Lesson Time: 1.5 hour
Equipment Included: Surfboard (soft-tops) & Wetsuit
Items to Bring/ Wear: Towels, Sunscreen, Hats, Water Bottle, & A Bathing Suit
Location: Newport Beach & Huntington Beach

All Transportation INCLUDED!

English +Sports: Surfing Homestay

One-on-one private surf lesson on learning to surf for the first time or
simple improving your surfing skills such as catching bigger waves and carving bigger, better turns!






Semi-Private Surf Lesson (2) People:

  • 3 Surf Lessons = $570 ($90 Saved)
  • 5 Surf Lessons = $925 ($175 Saved)
  • 7 Surf Lessons = $1,290 ($250 Saved)

Private Surf Lesson:

  • 3 Surf Lessons = $375 ($75 Saved)
  • 5 Surf Lessons = $625 ($125 Saved)
  • 7 Surf Lessons = $850 ($200 Saved)

Mini-Group Surf Lesson (3) People:

  • 3 Surf Lessons = $665 ($100 Saved)
  • 5 Surf Lessons = $1,075 ($200 Saved)
  • 7 Surf Lessons = $1,485 ($300 Saved)

Group Surf Lesson (4) People

  • 3 Surf Lessons = $775 ($125 Saved)
  • 5 Surf Lessons = $1,250 ($250 Saved)
  • 7 Surf Lessons = $1,750 ($350 Saved)

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English +Sports: Tennis HomestayProgram will be structured based on the ATA Training Method. ATA Training Method
consists of 6 major topics, structured to ensure the greatest development of each and every player.

One or two topics will be incorporated daily in the workout; this will help players know what to focus on. Players will be continuously evaluated and held accountable to their progress.
-Daily set/match-lay
Level: Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced

Lesson Time: 2.5 Hours daily tennis training

½ Hour private evaluation & post training evaluation

Equipment Included:

Tennis Courts & Balls

Items to Bring/ Wear:

Tennis Shoes, Tennis Racquets, Water Bottle, & Hat

Location: Irvine Racquet & Tennis Club

All Transportation INCLUDED!


One Week Summer Program                                                                  $800
Two Weeks Summer Program                                                                $1550

10% off for more than two weeks sign up
*Minimum of Five students


Private Lesson                                                                                        $90-$150
Personal Fitness Training                                                                       $50-$150
Mental Toughness Training Sessions                                                       $150-$300
Full time training week (includes 3 Hr                                                   $1500
Private lesson, 2 Video lessons and DVD)

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Water Skiing & Wakeboarding

English +Sports: Water Skiing Homestay



Daily introduction, set-up, safety discussion, get life vests on (for those 11 & under) and load up the boat. Head out to nice water.


First Set – Wakeboarding & Water skiing w/instruction.


Lunch Time!! – Rest up, re-energize, & play around at the beach.

*We supply all snacks, food and drinks for the day. (Feel free to bring SPECIAL SNACKS if needed).


Second Set – Wakeboarding & Water Skiing w/instruction.


Meet back at basecamp, review & set Goals for the next day at camp or in the future!

Level: Beginner/ Intermediate
Lesson Time: One Set = 5 hours
Equipment Included: Water Skis, Wakeboards, Life Vests
Items to Bring: Warm Clothes, Hats, Sunglasses, Towels, Sunscreen, Water Bottle & A Bathing Suit
Location: Marina Stadium in Long Beach
All Transportation INCLUDED!

You can purchase our Day Camps in a 1, 2, or 3 day increment. The more you buy, the more you save. Use them for any one of our Day Camps and they never expire!

Plan Price
One Day  $300.00
Two Days $575.00
Three Days $800.00
One week $1500.00

*Minimum of 4 Students

*Each Day Camp is limited to only 8 students & they fill up fast. If you are interested in making reservations, please do so as soon as possible. You can always contact us if you have any questions that weren’t answered here!

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