English +Sports: Tennis HomestayProgram will be structured based on the ATA Training Method. ATA Training Method
consists of 6 major topics, structured to ensure the greatest development of each and every player.

One or two topics will be incorporated daily in the workout; this will help players know what to focus on. Players will be continuously evaluated and held accountable to their progress.
-Daily set/match-lay
Level: Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced

Lesson Time: 2.5 Hours daily tennis training

½ Hour private evaluation & post training evaluation

Equipment Included:

Tennis Courts & Balls

Items to Bring/ Wear:

Tennis Shoes, Tennis Racquets, Water Bottle, & Hat

Location: Irvine Racquet & Tennis Club

All Transportation INCLUDED!



One Week Summer Program                                                                  $800
Two Weeks Summer Program                                                                $1550

10% off for more than two weeks sign up
*Minimum of Five students


Private Lesson                                                                                        $90-$150
Personal Fitness Training                                                                  $50-$150
Mental Toughness Training Sessions                                             $150-$300
Full time training week (includes 3 Hr                                            $1500
Private lesson, 2 Video lessons and DVD)

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